The Conference on
Film and Analytical Psychology

21-23 May 2021, Belgrade

About The Event

About the Conference

The Conference ‘Film and Analytical Psychology’ aims to provide a mental space for film and analytical psychology to meet each other. The concept of the conference could be called 'film in the language of analytical psychology', but without the risk of losing even a small part of its meaning, it could be the reverse, 'analytical psychology in the language of film'. The perspectives of depth psychology, within which the analytical process takes place, spontaneously and naturally unfold on the film screen, incorporated into narrative, images, movement, music, and sounds. The cinema room, as well as the consulting room, becomes the place of profound transformation and creation of a new meaning. The Conference is intended to explore the artistic language of the film, looking for the correlation with language of the analytical psychology. The film speaks to us, through virtual reality, about the outer and inner reality of the soul. It leads us, through the emotions and rich symbolic meanings, to transformation. The aim of the Conference is to be a meeting place for analytical psychology and film, portraying the breadth, depth  and symbolism of film as a beautiful form of the soul's expression, related to the concepts of analytical psychology. As the film is often used as an amplification in clinical work with clients, special attention will be paid to the potentials of the film to enrich the inner world and the functioning of the clients we encounter in clinical practice. Together, we will explore that magical movement of the image emerging from the inner world of the artist, which expresses the collective psyche and is projected onto the film canvas, resonating with the inner images of the audience. A film, through its moving images, becomes a profound way of moving the soul.

The Conference is primarily dedicated to IAAP routers and trainees.

We want to provide an inspiring field for meeting, sharing and dialogue, through which colleagues who are on the path to becoming analysts, will be empowered to explore and understanding images and their symbolic meaning. We would also like to welcome all analysts, psychotherapists and film professionals interested in the topic of film and analytical psychology.

Program committe:
• Chiara Tozzi (AIPA)
• Ivana Radovanović Novaković (SAS)
• Irena Ristić (FDA)

In cooperation with:
• Mercurius Prize Committee (MP)
• Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (FDA)
• Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade
• Film Archive Museum in Belgrade

Organizational committee:
• Ivana Radovanovic Novakovic (SAS)
• Chiara Tozzi (AIPA)
• Ana Jelic (SAS)
• Alessandra de Coro (AIPA)
• Bojana Stamenkovic Rudic (SAS)


Murray Stein (IAAP, MP, ISAP Zurich)

“Film and the Soul (Anima) of Modern Culture.”

Chiara Tozzi (IAAP, AIPA, MP, Rome)

"En route: From Active Imagination to Film Language"

Nevena Dakovic, PhD (FDA)

"The Load of Trauma"

Luis Moris (IAAP, MP, Zurich)

“Jungian psychology and Stanley Kubrick”

David Hewison (IAAP, SAP, London)

"Projection and recollection on the couch and on the screen"

Dragan Dimčić A.M. (FDA)

"Editing - Inner Eye of the Cinema"

Martin Schmidt (IAAP, SAP, London)

"Beauty, ugliness and the sublime: the role of aesthetics in psychological development"

Discussion groups

Emilija Kiehl (IAAP, BJAA, London)

"Confrontation with the Unconscious– the wonders and perils of its transformative power"

Gianluigi Di Cesare (IAAP, AIPA, Rome)

"Lacking the Dark (in)side"

Bojana Stamenković Rudić (IAAP, SAS, Belgrade)

"Inside Out - The Embodied Imagery of Maya Deren"

Georgije Vuletić (IAAP, SAS, Belgrade)

The Failure of Individuation

Please note that every attendee can take part in one discussion group.

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Hotel 3

Mercurius Prize

We are proud to announce that we will have oportunity to host the Mercurius Prize Committee at the Conference "Film and Analytical Psychology". Mercurius Prize was created as an award for Films of Excellence in Depth Psychological Awareness. It is based on the criteria that follow values and perspectives of Jungian psychology. The Mercurius Prize Committee considers motion pictures of all kinds, including long and short movies and documentary films. At Belgrade Conference, The MP Committee will award the Mercurius Prize to one of Giuseppe Tornatore's films that merit special recognition according to the stated MP criteria. Considering the whole oeuvre of the films of this interesting and prolific author, the quality of exceptional psychological importance is recognized. The MP Committee will choose one of the five selected films by the author to carry the title of Film of particular Psychologycal Significance and Sensitivity to Human Rights. Professor Murray Stein as acting President of the Mercurius Prize will open the Conference "Film and Analytical Psychology" giving the Openning Lecture.



Pre-conference film projection

"Cinema Paradiso" (Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988)


Welcome Address SAS and AIPA Presidents

(Ivana Radovanovic Novakovic & Alessandra de Coro)


(Chiara Tozzi)

Opening Lecture “Film and the Soul (Anima) of Modern Culture.”

(Murray Stein, IAAP, MP, ISAP Zurich)


Concert of Ennio Morricone's film music


I. The first topic (Moderator: Ivana Radovanović Novaković)


“En Route- From Active Imagination to Film Language”
(Chiara Tozzi, IAAP, AIPA, Rome) followed by the video “En Route” by Chiara Tozzi.


II. The second topic (Moderator: Georgije Vuletić)


"The Load of Trauma: The Load/Teret, Ognjen Glavonić 2018"
(prof. dr Nevena Daković, FDA, Belgrade)



“Jungian psychology and Stanley Kubrick”
(Luis Moris, IAAP, MP, Zurich)


Discussion groups (with film projection)

* Emilija Kiehl (IAAP, BJAA, London)
"Confrontation with the Unconscious – the wonders and perils of its transformative power"

* Gianluigi Di Cesare (IAAP, AIPA, Rome)
"Lacking the Dark (in)side"

* Bojana Stamenković Rudić (IAAP, SAS, Belgrade)
"Inside Out - The Embodied Imagery of Maya Deren"

* Georgije Vuletić (IAAP, SAS, Belgrade)
"La Caduta degli dei" by Luchino Visconti (The Damned)- The Failure of Individuation


Screening the Mercurius Prize winning film

Evening Program - Mercurius Prize

* Introduction
* Screening the interview with Giuseppe Tornatore by Chiara Tozzi
* Award ceremony (Emanuele Zarlenga(Cinematographer, Rome))
* Closing words (Paola Cordone, IIC)

Evening with friends

III. The third topic (Moderator: Alessandra de Coro)


"Projection and recollection on the couch and on the screen"
(Dr. David Hewison, IAAP, SAP, London)



"Editing - Inner Eye of the Cinema"
(MA Dragan Dimčić, FDA, Belgrade)


IV. The fourth topic (Moderator: Bojana Stamenković Rudić)


"Beauty, ugliness and the sublime: the role of the aesthetics in psychologycal development"
(Martin Schmidt, IAAP, SAP, London)

Conclusion and Closing Remarks


About the venue

The Yugoslav Film Archive Museum

We are very happy and proud that the Conference on Film and Analytical Psychology will take place in such an important temenos for Serbian culture and cult place of Belgrade culture scene as the Yugoslav Cinematheque. The Yugoslav Film Archive Museum, popular Yugoslav Cinemateque is a film archive and cinema located in the centre of Belgrade. Funded in 1949, it is a founding member of the International Federation of Film Archives and was the national film library of the Yugoslavia and currently of the Republic of Serbia. The film collection contains over 95,000 film prints of various national productions, of all genres, silent and sound, black & white and color, both nitrate and acetate. Around 85% of the entire film collection consists of foreign film material, including some previously considered lost, which makes the archive particularly interesting for film archivists and researchers from all over the world. The Yugoslav Film Fund saved the most important archive material and documentaries related to the territory of former Yugoslavia, starting from the oldest extant film in the country Coronation of King Peter the First from 1904. Collection of documents and written film material contains all types of documents, letters, contracts, original scripts, photographic collection of approximately 250,000 images from film productions, film posters and other material relevant to the history and study of national cinema. Architecturally and visually very interesting, renovated building of the Yugoslav Cinematheque is opened to the public daily. The beautiful interior houses cinema halls, a permanent museum exhibit, a library and a cinema directorate.

Conference Venue Address:

Yugoslav Film Archive Museum (Yugoslav Cinemateque)
Uzun Mirkova 1
11000 Belgrade


We are pleased to be able to recommend to you a few good hotels near the venue with which we have arranged special conference rates.

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Early fee before April 1, (85€)
Fee after April 1, (100€)

Registration fee covers:
• Attending the entire conference program
• Coffee and refreshment during the breaks

The registration fee does not include the 'Evening with Friends'. We would very much like to spend some pleasant time together in a jazz club, having good food and drinks, conversation and fine music. The price of participation at that event will be decided soon and highlighted on the conference website (

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NOTICE: The official language of the Conference is English.

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