"Lacking the Dark (in)side"
by Gianluigi Di Cesare (IAAP, AIPA, Rome)

Adolescence has always represented a time of change. One of the main developmental tasks of the adolescent is the progressive separation from the parents. This task involves a “sane” use of aggressiveness. It seems instead that the so called “internet generation” has eliminated any form of conflict towards the parents, in favor of the lack of separation and of the search of security. The renounce to the conflict and the attempt to eliminate any form of aggressiveness of more and more protective and available parents, results in new forms of discomfort, such as the social withdrawal. Furthermore, the impossibility to act the conflict in an evolutive way determines the absence of a key step: the integration of the shadow. The removed or split aggressiveness is consequently acted on the body or externally projected. The workshop, through clinical examples, literary and cinematographic works will highlight the complexity of this situation, also in relation to the collective and politic dimension.

Gianluigi Di Cesare is a psychiatrist and a Jungian analyst. He is member of the Italian Association of Analytical Psychology (AIPA) and member of IAAP. From 2014 to 2018 he was vice president of AIPA and lead the editorial board of Studi Junghiani, the official Journal of AIPA.He is the head of Early Interventions Center, Mental Health Department - Roma 1. His main scientific and professional interests are: adolescence; trauma; dissociation, transference-countertransference relationship , setting, early intervention in psychosis.
Lives and works in Rome, Italy.