"Inside Out - The Embodied Imagery of Maya Deren"
by Bojana Stamenković Rudić (IAAP, SAS, Belgrade)

This paper is inspired by the intriguing work of Maya Deren, who was a prominent American experimental filmmaker in the 1940s and 1950s.
She preceded the wave of films that represented a picturization of the subconscious and changed the concept of what cinema could be. Her non- narrative forms and specifics of film language inspired evaluations from wide-ranging points of view, besides her own written and recorded comments. The aim of this paper is an observation of Deren’s thoughts about her work – through the Jungian lens. As she reevaluated cinematic conventions and became an avant-garde moviemaker, we find that her thoughts about the interpretation of film phenomenology approximated the psychological approach taken by today’s movie critics. Deren strongly opposed external (outside) attempts to reduce imagery to elementary known factors, as she resisted the misuse of the unconscious. For Deren (inside), “…the value and meanings… (of the objects in the film)… are defined and confirmed by their actual function in the context of the film as a whole.” Her images are embodied in celluloid film strips. We can presume that they present confirmation of the autonomous reality of the psyche.
Key words: Maya Deren, Analytical psychology, psychological movie interpretation

Bojana Stamenković Rudić, psychiatrist from Belgrade, Serbia, IM of IAAP, analyst and supervisor in Serbian DG. Born in 1961, graduated from the School of Medicine (University of Belgrade) in 1986, where I also finished my specialization in psychiatry. At the beginning of my career, I started building my path in institutions in Slovenia and Serbia. 2006 is when I left the Institute of Mental Health in Belgrade to start my private practice.
I’ve been a member of Serbian Jungian Group (which later became Developing Group) since 1999. Routership program, is how I became an analyst. From the very beginning I’ve been giving a lot of public lectures from the realm of Jungian theory, both in Serbia and by participating in European conventions. Currently, I am supporting routership program in Serbian Developing Group by actively teaching and taking the role as an analyst and a supervisor. In addition, by also being a systemic therapist, I’ve worked as an educator and participated in conferences and publications in this field. My publications can mostly be found in Medical journals, as well as those covering topics from Culture and Art.